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Being a Diversity Change Agent

1. Share your culture in a non-judgmental way-uncover cultural beliefs.

2. Question your ethnocentrism and biases.

3. Observe, ask, listen, listen, use perception checking, use allies, adjust, get feedback and support.

4. Develop your resiliency and comfort with ambiguity and change.

5. Stand in your own truth and allow other's theirs.

6. Seek multiple perspectives and inclusion and the skills to insure equitable outcomes.

7. Learning needs relationship, relationship, relationship.

8."Respect" has cultural connotations. Remember the Platinum Rule.

9. Make reasonable accommodations that are mutually agreeable.

Equal does not = Same

10. Check for understanding and agreement. Good teaching is a dialogue among equals.

Talking does not = communicating or = teaching.

11. Assume goodwill and possibly ignorance, fear, distrust, disconnection.

12. Know strengths of others and build on them v. deficits and labeling.

13.Watch attribution theory. To what do I attribute this? Fact or perception?

14. Work on individual team, systemic and societal levels.

15. Realize your own power in every interaction.

"Because of the cultural myopia of teachers/leaders, the light at the end of the tunnel has been canceled." OR



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