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Organizational Unity and Diversity
Workshop Purpose and Components 


Workshop Purpose:

  1. To increase awareness and understanding of diversity issues

    a.  examine unproductive limitations placed on self and others
    b.  determine professional beliefs and behaviors to keep, expand, discard
    c.  commit to actions that benefit ourselves, our colleagues, our organization, and our community 

  2. To explore methods to insure organizational unity and success in a diverse and discrimination-free workplace, where each individual thrives as a respected team member.

  3. To work smarter, not harder.  Unleash personal and organizational creativity and empowerment.

Workshop Components:


Foundation. Introduction and Rationale


Diversity defined

Diversity as an asset

Changing Demographics

Basic Principles

Global Village

History and Approaches

Roots and Name Stories

Identity Triangle

Myers Briggs


Ground Rules / Agreements / Norms

Needs / Expectations

The Business Case for Diversity

Quienes Somos

Culture Pre-tests

Framing the Issue

Alike and Different

Good News / Bad News

II Implications of Culture

Definition / Dialogue

Bafa Bafa

Identity Molecule

Cultural Bag

Four Comer Interview

Cultural Connections / Cultural Clashes

Monocultural to Multicultural Path

Pronouns and The Prisoner's Dilemma

Artifact Sharing

The Nacirema

Stand ups - Identity

Primary / Secondary. Characteristics

Personal vs. Institutional

Cultural Bingo

Advantages / Disadvantages / Obstacles / Steps - 3 column

III Systems of Isms and Oppression


Rage of a Privileged Class

The Cycle of Oppression

Standups - Gender/Race etc.

Personal Boxes

Collusion and White Privilege



Prejudice / Stereotyping / Discrimination

Films / Discussion

Pygmalion Effect

Bootstraps Terminology

We the People

Ethnic Notions / La Raza


IV Cross Cultural Communication


3 Skills

Perceptions / Assumptions / Values

The ATE Words

The Platinum Rule

Interrupting Prejudice Roleplays


Humor that Hurts / Heals

Problem Solving - Case Studies / Vignettes


Conflict Resolution

High Performing Diverse Teams

Management Skills



V Perspective Panels


Race / Ethnicitv



Abilities and Disabilities

White Awareness




Sexual Orientation


Customers - External and Internal


VI Strategies for Assessment and Implementing Change

Understanding Change


Needs Analysis

Coalition Building

Strategic Planning

Learning Curves

Case Studies

Action Planning

Vision. Mission. Values


Stages of Multicultural Growth


Building a High Performing Diverse and Dynamic Learning Organization

VII Implementation Strategies - Ongoing

Diversity Councils

Monitoring the Action Plan

Advanced Education

Training of Trainers

Cultural Tours

Facilitation Skills

Diversity Profiles

Designing Learning Events

Empowerment and Initiative


Data Gathering

Education Options


Internal Consulting


Support Groups and Networks

Balance and Stress

Multicultural Work Teams

Managing Complex Change

Infrastructures - Recruitment. Performance. Management. Compensation. Retention.

Events. Building. Training. Levels. Systems. Communication


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